Medication can be an important step on the path towards wellness. Our team specializes in utilizing med-management services to treat difficulties such as depression, anxiety, OCD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, sleep disturbances, and obesity.

Research clearly and consistently shows that the most significant and long-lasting positive mental health outcomes are achieved through a combination of medication and therapy. Not every medication is a good fit for every person, that's why our med team works with you to find the best fit. We're ready and able to provide you with the compassionate care you need on your way to healing.

Psychiatry Services

Diagnostic Evaulation

A 60-minute session in which we gather relevant background information, collaboratively develop a treatment plan, and assess whether medications might be helpful based on your goals.

Medication Management

After your initial appointment, we'll schedule regular 15-30 minute med-management appointments to discuss how treatment is going. This includes discussing overall treatment, making any adjustments we might need to medication, and providing other resources that might be helpful.

Telehealth Checkins

Can't make it to the office? No problem. We offer telehealth appointments that allow you to meet with our providers virtually. Our highest priority is working with you to provide the care you need. We'll meet you where you're at!

Collaborative Care

Medication management is just one piece of the puzzle in treating mind, body, and spirit. We all work together closely to make sure we're address the pieces of the puzzle that are the most important to you.